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Unlike traditional rishta theory and matchmaking, we rely on a cooperative, interactive bond between our representatives and our clients. Initially, the user is requested some details and then assisted by an intelligent facilitator (referred to..

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Why Couples (rishtay) split up right after marriage

16th Mar, 2020 1:42 pm

It is a story told by a photographer who shared his experiences with us about not the wedding photo shoots but something disturbing between the new husbands and wife to be who had some negative body language. He told us that how couples fight over the petty issues and argue till the coarse tone is …

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How I met my Mr. Right online

10th Mar, 2020 6:56 pm

How I met my Mr. Right online  For the most recent few years my mom has been asking me similar questions: “Have you met somebody?” “When will you begin looking?” The most exceedingly awful is the point at which she discloses to me that in case i don’t discover somebody for myself, she will do …

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شادی پی کے ، اپنا جیون ساتھی خود ڈھونڈیں

2nd Mar, 2020 4:45 pm

حال ہی میں شادی کے بندھن میں بندھنے والے ہانیہ اور سلیم کی ملاقات شادی۔پی کے کے ذریعے ہوئ ۔ ہانیہ نے ہمیں اپنی کهانی سنائ کہ کس طرح وہ شادی ۔پی کے تک پہنچی اور اس سے پہلے اس نے کس طرح کے حالات فیس کیے ۔ ان کے والدین نے تقریبا ۵۰ سے …

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