Refund Policy

Return and Refund Policy

Shaadee PK Matrimonial Services (Pvt.) Ltd. does not offer any refunds or returns on any of its registration fee, though Shaadee PK is happy to replace or upgrade the registration level. Once the client pay for the registration fee, they cannot immediately or any time later cancel the registration fee or call for return. If the services are no longer required, customer can ask to the required person at Shaadee PK to stop the Rishta finding process for him/her. 
It is hereby ensured that the Rishta finding process is active till the package is valid. It is less likely that customer fee goes all in vain. Those who pay gets the required service. In short, 99.5% customer get services.
There are ten different services packs. Currently 3 packs are active, basic, premium and premium plus. Currently Shaadee PK charge only registration fee for basic, premium and premium plus. Shaadee PK does not charge for each and every connection which are free until certain time. 
A customer can upgrade from basic to premium to premium plus but cannot downgrade.
There are few circumstances in which some percentage of discount is available. That is rare and depends upon the seasonal sale announced by Shaadee PK. In normal days, customer cannot claim the discount but to wait for the discount offer.

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