I belong to Punjab Pakistan and speak excellent Punjabi. I had done networking in Chaudire’s, Malik’s, Rajput’s, Butt, Aswan’s, Arians and Punjabi sheikhs families and most of known families are on my finger tips.

I have 10-year experience in dealing with social issues in Punjabi culture, as you know that Punjabi traditions are amazingly interesting which attract other cultures. Punjab is kneaded with the amalgamation of purity and sincerity.

  Marriage is a compulsory tenet in our culture. Getting married to your perfect match is no doubt a essential milestone. You cannot miss it. I am here particularly for this purpose to assist you in finding your perfect life partner, best match to ensure a beautiful life.

If you are Punjabi / any cast / sub cast, I can be very helpful to you. My range is vast and experience is diverse. I can guarantee a successful match for you out of choice of hundreds.

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My Shaadee Candidates: 5413 

My Success Stories: 10%
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