I am bachelor degree holder and now doing mass communication – master degree. I have a professional experience of 10 years comprising of hospitality administrative services and facilities management in reputed organisations moreover, I have been to UAE for some time and found it full of opportunities. I met lots of Pakistani families and observed their problems related to finding matches/ Rishtas from Pakistan.

I am an urdu speaking but I can fluently communicate in both English and Punjabi My interests are helping people and facilitating them to pursue in their life. I am joyous, helpful and kind. Eager to explore and want to know more and more about people I meet.

I strongly believe that matches are made in heaven but still we have to reach and find our soul mate through anyone whom Allah also bless as facilitator. Only efforts can bring you the destiny and not doing effort will render you at where you are now.

So select me as your match maker by clicking at my picture. I can serve you at fast pace and find your soul mate Inn Shaa Allah.
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