I studied psychology from renowned academic institutions and finally did my masters in psychology. I remain engaged in client services profession and did so many face to face meetings for past five years. I have observed the Pakistani culture related to Rishtas and marriages. In our Pakistani society marrying with in family and own caste is considered as a must (prerequisite) for selection of match. This trend slowly changing and some of the families especially boys and girls now realize the problems associated in cousin marriage and therefore they want a selection beyond cousin marriages. Today's boys/ girls want compatibility in term of personality, education and family background. Because this is a must for happy married life. As I am a psychologist I can easily understand what a person wants. I can easily understand your requirement and based on it, finding a right soulmate/life partner of your choice. Once you registered at and click my name/ picture as your match maker, I can surely help you in doing a right partner preferences features and then find a suitable match/ life partner. So consider me as your counsel and a match maker. See you on WhatsApp.
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