I am Kashmiri girl and my first love is for AJK. In particular I love to be around Neelam valley where my soul is.

Long time ago, in the regime of Field Marshall Ayub Khan, A lot Kashmiris got an opportunity to go to United Kingdom that actually gave a big uplift to Mirpur City. So AJK-Kashmir got wealth, style, education, good manners and all the more internationalised personalities as head of families.

For past 5 years, I worked very hard to deeply study the Kashmiri culture and I can now compare it with different cultures of Pakistan, the caste system therein and changing norms in the society and in particular Kashmir. I have many candidates who relied on my match making abilities within and outside Kashmiri caste.

I can safely say that compared to any part of world, marriages of AJK Pakistanis are most successful.

We are lucky in that aspect. I can do match making for you no matter which cast/ sect you belong to. My range is very vast, my experience is diverse. I am the one who can guarantee a successful match for you whether he or she.

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My Shaadee Candidates: 5413

My Success Stories: 10%

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