I am Zarmina, basically belong to Lahore Punjab. I was awarded silver medal while I completed my studies at Islamabad. Then I started my work with social development organization. After working two years with reputed organization, I started a business project with a Malaysian company and to meet my customers, I went to Penang and Kalua Lumpur.

I also worked with Unilever company who offered scholarship to different students. I worked as project coordinator and I had an ample opportunity to interact with so many candidates from different back ground. I actually started to learn match making from this opportunity.

Although I can do match making irrespective of the profession that you belong to. But I precisely am a specialist of doing matches for persons from medical fields, either a doctor, dentist or pharmacist or any other medical profession, If you are the one from medical profession, I am your sure bet. I can help you better because of my vast candidates/ contact in medical fields..

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